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A bike trailer is the best solution for anyone with lots of stuff to transport

May 7, 2013

If a bike is your primary or preferred source of transportation, sooner or later you will have to solve the dilemma of how to transport large amounts of cargo using your bike. We recently published a blog about transporting small amounts of cargo using a bike basket. One of the drawbacks mentioned in that article was that sometimes people attempt to transport too much in the limited space a basket provides.

If you intend to transport larger amounts of cargo with your bike, then you should consider investing in a bike trailer. They can make transporting large items with your bike much more efficient.

Bike trailers should be acquired based on individual need. You can buy one or you can make one for yourself if you have the right tools, materials, and know-how. If you are looking for a fancy one, then you may be excited to learn that electric bike trailers are available through a company called RideKick. What’s cool about these trailers is that they actually help push your bike. Depending on the terrain and the weight of the cargo you’re trying to haul, this can be a huge help.

Whether you can afford to buy one or you know how to make one yourself, bike trailers can be quite handy to have around. So, do you have a great bike trailer? Have you made one that you are proud of? We would love to hear about them! Post links to pics too if you can.

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