Bicycle Mirrors-the safety accessory that helps avoid colliding with cars and other bike riders.

May 10, 2013

Bike riders who live in areas where there aren’t many bike trails often find themselves in situations where they have to ride on the roads and highways with cars. This high-risk scenario is obviously a huge safety risk for the biker. What safety features can be added to your bike to minimize the potential dangers that are associated with sharing the road with cars?

One recommendation is to add bicycle mirrors to your bike. Obviously, bike riders are at a major disadvantage when traveling with motor vehicles, so why not equip your bike with one of the safety tools that all cars are manufactured with. When riding a bike, it is important to pay attention to what is going on in front of you. In order to know what dangers are lurking behind, you have to turn and look over one of your shoulders. It only takes a moment of taking your eyes away from what’s in front of you to have a bike accident.

Bicycle mirrors will help eliminate the need to look over your shoulder while riding. These mirrors typically don’t come pre-installed on your bike, but can be purchased separately at a local bike shop or online. You can install the mirrors yourself or you could probably have a professional at your bike shop install them for you for a fee. Either way they are a must have if you bike on the busy roads or highways in your area.

Making safety a top priority is just smart. You need to know what is going on in the front and back of you while you’re riding your bike. Since there is really no secret when it comes to who is most likely to get seriously hurt in a car/bike collision, it is important to try to take all of the proper precautions to avoid such an incident.

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