A great addition for your bicycle that will help you haul your belongings

May 4, 2013

As bicycle riders become more and more reliant on their bike for transportation, sooner or later they will have to tackle the issue of transporting cargo while riding. It is nearly impossible (and not to mention dangerous) to try to carry cargo in your hands while you ride. Adding a bike basket to your bike will prove to be an excellent solution to this very common dilemma.

The Bike Basket has been the go-to solution for biking with cargo for many, many years. Who can ever forget Dorothy transporting Toto around in her bike basket in the Wizard of Oz? They are convenient for both kids and adults because the rider can focus on the safe operation of the bike, leaving both hands free for balance and steering.

One of the drawbacks of a bike basket is the fact that some riders tend to over-fill it with cargo. Most bike baskets are placed in the front of the bike, and every once in a while a rider may attempt to transport item(s) that they should not. For example, sometimes really tall items are packed and they are so tall that they obstruct the view of the bike operator. Other times smaller cargo may be packed so high that the rider may attempt to steer the bike with one hand and balance the cargo with the other. In these examples, and all similar scenarios the safety of the bike rider is definitely at risk. It is always important to remember to keep safety first.

If a bike doesn’t come equipped with a bike basket, don’t worry; they can be purchased separately. Some bike owners actually create their own bike baskets. One of the most common items used to accomplish this is a milk crate. If an old crate has been sitting around in the garage, then there is no reason to go out and purchase a bike basket. Just find something to securely anchor the crate to the front or back of the bike and it will make the perfect substitute. If a milk crate or a similar item is not available, then visit a local bike shop, or try to find a basket online.

Whether transporting cargo has become an issue or not, adding a bike basket to a bike is a smart idea. The convenience that they add will be well worth the time or money that it would take to add one. Don’t take the risk of bodily injury when such a simple solution is available and so easily accessible.

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